These emails were designed during my time at Wunderkind (formerly known as BounceX), a NYC-based marketing and technology firm. Although the photos and specs for the emails were provided by Saxx Underwear, the client was open to a variety of typographic suggestions and iterations, particularly in the headers of the emails. Saxx wanted the emails to feel exciting and modern, and wanted each iteration to feel different and unique. I designed both desktop and mobile versions on Sketch, and from there they were sent to our back-end, email coding team, where they were coded into live text versions. With this in mind, there are always certain restrictions to designing for live text emails, which proves to be an intriguing and engaging design challenge. The various underwear seen in the bulk of the email is populated by a reader's past views, urging them to buy products previously looked at, or products similar to previously viewed items. Ultimately, the project was an interesting study both in typography and in overall layouts of screen-designed advertising campaigns. 
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